Welcome to the Bizol Motor Oil Website!

Behind the brand BIZOL is a leading manufacturer of high quality lubricating materials and car care products. All oils and additives of the brand BIZOL are produced in Germany. Our modern plants guarantee the highest quality of lubricants and make the statement "Made in Germany", the epitome of the highest quality level.

Our highly qualified international team and customer-oriented marketing policy have made it possible for BIZOL to steadily gain a share in many world markets.

Our latest innovation is the BIZOL GREEN OIL product line. It has been developed by German engineers with the precise aim of finding a solution for the current city traffic conditions.

Thanks to a powerful and dedicated network of distributors and sales staff, application engineers and other specialists, we are able to guarantee a consistently high quality and excellent service to our customers world-wide.

Please contact us, if you would like to find out more about BIZOL and our global success story.


Our NEW engine oil BIZOL GREEN OIL ULTRASYNTH 5W-30 is a highly modern low-friction engine oil for year-round use. It is specially designed for vehicles used permanently in the city traffic.   more...


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The production process was based on the most advanced methods of lubricants creation and new technological approach. In addition, new alloying components were applied. They have provided this new oil with intensive green colour.    more...